Saturday, July 18, 2009


Most women assume it is easy for men to have an orgasm, while quite a number say they tired, frustrated and sore when their man takes too long to climax during sex. Can such men be sped up? According to Hilda Hutcherson, author of: What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X, men like women are quite different. While some men will reach an orgasm after a few minutes, other men require close to thirty minutes or more

Some, concerned about pleasing their partners, have perfected methods to delay their ejaculation. It is possible that by prolonging the sexual act, a man is trying to give the prolonged stimulation he believes a woman needs. He may in fact be relieved to hear that it is not necessary for him to thrust for so long!

If a man delays ejaculation, it might make it difficult for him to reach orgasm during sex. There may be psychological or physical reasons for this problem. Men who grem up in home where sex was considered dirty or sinful, fear pregnancy or STDs may find it difficult to let go in the first place during sex

Men who use fast and furious strokes during masturbation may find the slower and softer pace of intercourse inadequate for a rapid orgasm. Medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and alcohol abuse and such medications as anti-depressants can also delay orgasm.

What to do if you are uncomfortable with your partner taking so much time to ejaculate? “Realize in the first place that you are not doing something wrong”, says Hilda, “and shouldn’t doubt your sexual adequacy or technique. You and your partner may simply have different rhythms. Let him know that you love having sex with him, but but that is difficult to participate in prolonged intercourse without becoming sore.

Use oral sex, manual stimulation or even a vibrator to bring him close to an orgasm prior to intercourse. Use lubricants to keep your vagina from becoming dry, and choose positions that give him stimulation, such as man-on-top”

Meanwhile, happy lovemaking!